Merle Norman Cosmetics

Our company's beginnings are a true American success story. In the late 1920's, an ambitious young woman named Merle Nethercutt Norman began sharing skin care products that she had created, with her family and friends. As an added service, she demonstrated the products on them, believing that if she could "get it on their faces", they would become customers. It was from this concept that the famous "try before you buy" slogan was created. Merle opened her first studio in 1931 and gave hundreds of women the opportunity to achieve business success by opening and owning their own studios. Merle passed away in 1972 but the company remains a family owned business that is dedicated to helping women look their absolute best. Currently, Merle Norman Cosmetics researches, develops, manufactures, and packages its own line of skin care and color products all in the USA and are completely free of animal testing. The American made line includes hundreds of tried and true products, addressing the full spectrum of skin care and color needs for all women.

"So few are in a position to actively achieve the opportunity to create happiness for others. We are among the chosen few. We do indeed brighten the corner where we are"

Merle Norman